Since we, at Moore HQ, haven't made it out to any competitions yet; we asked Brand Ambassador & Canadian Showjumper Tim Wilks to report back to us as he ventured back out to some international shows. Tim and his team of horses showed at Peelbergen in The Netherlands and Riesenbeck in Germany over the last few weeks.

Finally! We are back Showing!

After what feels like centuries of light work, flatting, pole work, hacking & small jump training; finally we were able to organise a line up of shows to go to. A few days of proper jump training and blowing the cobwebs off the show lockers, my team of horses and I set off for what has actually been a successful few weeks showing in Holland and Germany. (Note the tone of surprise; its been a while since we have had such a long break!) Seriously though, I have been thrilled with all of the horses performances, the forced break definitely did them the world of good. They have come back fresher than ever before and are focused and ready to go, if I'm honest I think they got back into the swing of things faster than I did...

Show life, as expected, is quite different during the pandemic, spectators are no longer allowed at shows and it does take a toll on the atmosphere; especially out here as showjumping is much more of a spectator sport in Europe than it is at home. That said, I am really impressed with the work the organisers, such as Ken Ruysen of Peelbergen, have done to make sure the shows are still enjoyable, exciting but most importantly safe for all the riders and grooms etc. 

I have reached my final weekend of showing before heading home and I am currently in an apartment in Germany, with a fan positioned directly in front of me. The weather has been exceptionally hot whilst I have been out here, which isn't always the nicest to compete in. I have been living out of my suitcase for the last month (which I haven't missed) and in typical me fashion I ridiculously over packed and haven't worn half of the items I packed. However there have been several things I have practically lived in in this weather which have made competing and riding in general, a lot more pleasant. I have put them together on a reel at the bottom of this page so make sure you check them out.


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