Whilst there are no results to keep up to date with, we have caught up with our ambassadors to see how they are coping with the lockdown and what they have been getting up to. Today we hear from British international show jumper James Wilson from Hillhouse Sport Horses.
So lockdown has been fairly boring at Hillhouse Farm but I guess it is the same for everyone, fortunately we still have our horses to keep us sane! We have just kept the horses ticking over, riding every other day and doing a variety of different things to keep their brains stimulated. These include; hacking, hill work, flat work, pole work, galloping and a little bit of jumping to keep all their muscles working. Until we have some dates for shows, their work regime will remain the same.
We have also used this time to bring in our young stock from the fields, get their feet trimmed and have a look at them to see what the future holds; I'm pleased to say it looks bright!
Otherwise we have been doing various jobs around the farm to help keep it looking neat and tidy, these are things that we haven't had the time to do whilst we have been on the road so it's quite satisfying getting them done.
I have also recently been a guest on "The Full Course Showjumping Podcast" which was really entertaining. It is so nice to see something new and constructive coming out of the difficult situation that we are in.
Although it may be some time yet, I am very much looking forward to getting out competing again! However our health must always come above sport.


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