An interview with founder, Conor Moore

Conor’s aspiration for Moore Equestrian is to create not just an online brand but an experience – a retail space with a Gentlemen’s Club feel.

His great passion for the equestrian lifestyle and his love for competition, horses and retail are at the heart of the Moore Equestrian brand.

Scroll down for a one-to-one with Conor, and find out everything you need to know about Moore Equestrian.

How did Moore Equestrian come into existence?

Relatively smoothly actually! With some (a lot of) help, I formed the company a couple of years ago.
The idea originally came to mind some time ago; and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I’m an avid shopper, and for a man in the equestrian industry, it proves testing. So I created a solution.

Talk to us through your career and previous industry experience.

I started competing fairly late, I wasn’t one of these kids made to jump around a course of fences before I could walk… Being a Jersey bean, competing was fairly limited so I ventured to the mainland to broaden my horizons.

It was supposed to be for two weeks but by the end of the summer I had returned to Jersey, packed my teenage life into my Mini Cooper and set off back to the UK. As well as riding each day I started helping at the tack shop onsite, I fell in love with the clothes and selling them came naturally.

We travelled across the UK working with the shop and competing my horses, gaining invaluable experience of the industry from both angles.

After a few years of exhausting the British circuit I started competing abroad, opening up a whole new world of opportunity and influences.

What makes Moore Equestrian the go-to for menswear attire?

Obviously I am starting small but it’s about quality not quantity. Shopping at Moore Equestrian, you can combine style and comfort with the click of a button.

Can the collections be worn by the ‘everyday gentleman’?

Of course! Both of the brands have a phenomenal casual offering. If you’re brave enough, you could even fashion some of the competition jackets into a dinner jacket… We also have some quality accessories from sunglasses to weekend bags.

Define the brand in three words.
Luxury, tailored, elegant.

You stock two of the leading luxury equestrian brands. Tell us about them.
Cavalleria Toscana has always embodied the impeccable style and elegance of its products with high-tech features designed to improve comfort and performance. With a growing number of different sets within each collection (such as compression, sport tech and revolution), performance application is fundamental to the brand.

Alessandro Albanese is a brand dedicated to providing elegant Italian competition wear. The brand offers an infinite choice of personality in detailing and uncompromised hand-crafted quality. They’re the ultimate artisan atelier for equestrian athletes.

These brands together are an unstoppable combination, and a brilliant addition to Moore Equestrian.

Which pieces from the collections are your favourite and why?

From Alessandro Albanese, my favourite piece is the Motion Lite Jacket. It’s unrivalled levels of breathability and stretch make this innovative jacket a must-have for the warmer days of the season.

From Cavalleria Toscana, it would be the Compression Breeches. These are the first riding pants with a built-in calf muscle compression sock. Providing a better blood flow allows for a more effective recovery and an increase in oxygenation (meaning less cramping and lactic acid build up).

Who would be your dream customer?

I couldn’t name anyone in particular, but I envisage my customer to be suave, loyal and happy to splash out!

What can we look out for this year with Moore Equestrian?

I’m aiming for a subtle but stylish introduction to the equestrian retail market. I don’t want to make too much noise, but I would love to start building long-term relationships my clients.

We’re also aiming to make appearances at some top competitions with our new brand ambassador, Tim Wilks, who has been cited as one of the “Next Generation” riders.

What’s the ultimate ambition for Moore Equestrian?

To become the equestrian style destination for men, stocking the world’s leading luxury equestrian brands.

We want to be the go-to for male riders, providing an exclusive shopping service.

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